CfM Membership

The Center for Metamaterials has many attributes (i.e., programs, resources, and management methods) to ensure success in its mission and making it attractive for companies and government agencies to join and become active member participants:

  1. Industry directs the research and sets research agenda – The member companies and agencies, through their representatives on the Industry Advisory Board, determine by a vote the research thrusts every year.
  2. Shared intellectual property - All the intellectual property generated by the Center is shared with all members. Hence, for the relatively small cost of membership, a large amount of IP may be acquired.
  3. Single point of contact for IP negotiations – The Center will have a single point of contact for license negotiations (i.e., CUNY’s Technology Commercialization Office) and will have developed umbrella agreements (i.e., templates for licensing agreements) that will enable quick and cost-effective licensing agreement negotiations.
  4. Enables company-specific Enhancement Research and/or Training Projects – Members can provide enhancement funding to increase the research on an existing or additional project of specific interest to them.
  5. Center research projects can mature to sponsored projects where the IP is not shared and is protected – Once a particular project of the Center (of a fundamental research nature) matures to the point where the results can be applied to applications, technology transfer projects (i.e., product development) can be established at any of the participating universities.
  6. Contracted short-term research projects – Small scale or short-term research projects can be cost-effectively performed in a timely manner by the Center’s staff.
  7. Access to students for research and future employment – A Cooperative-Education (COOP) and internship program will be established where students will perform research at the Center and at the companies. Hence upon graduation, students will have been trained to facilitate their smooth transition into full-time employment.
  8. Commercial Networking - Research interactions with other companies, buyers of your technology, sellers, etc.
  9. Supported and endorsed by the National Science Foundation – Provides an NSF seal of approval for the Center that will instill trust. The NSF performs annual assessments of the financial, managerial and technical practices and performance of the Center.
  10. One-stop shop (research expertise, facilities, IP negotiations, etc.) – Industrial researchers have access to a wide range of equipment and expertise at all the participating universities from modeling (with high performance computing clusters) to fabrication to characterization.
  11. Workshops on Metamaterials for industrial and agency researchers - Tutorials on the theory of metamaterials and practical training for metamaterials design, modeling, fabrication, and characterization, training on HFSS, CST, COMSOL, Matlab for metamaterials training.

Semiannual meetings are held to review projects, select new projects and conduct the policy-making business of the Center. Members have an opportunity to provide feedback on ongoing work, offer new ideas, and direct future research problems. An annual, comprehensive progress report on the Center’s projects is sent to Member Companies prior to the fall IAB meeting. This report is posted on the Center for Metamaterials website to facilitate the flow of information throughout the Center member organizations. CfM’s intent is to nurture long-term relationships and collaborations among the universities, companies, and organizations that are participating in the Center. Contact Micheal McLamb if you have further questions regarding participation with the CfM.

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