Anticipating the Grand Opening of the CUNY ASRC NanoFab Facility
The Center for Metamaterials is planning a meeting with the Scientific Cleanroom Director of the new CUNY Advanced Science Research Center to discuss how the CfM can utilize the resources at this impressive new facility located just steps away from the CfM’s City College of New York site. This is a great asset for our members.
The Advanced Science Research Center Nanofabrication Facility is a 200,000 square foot, world-class research space open to students, faculty, government, and industrial partners.  
This new center will enable the fabrication and characterization of innovative micro and nanoscale devices. The facility includes 4,300 square feet of ISO 6 (Class 1000) and ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom space and tools such as a high-end electron beam lithography writer, a field emissions SEM, a chlorine based inductively coupled plasma etcher, a metal and oxide deposition suite, and advanced metrology suite, and a true three-dimensional micro and nano-lithography system. The NanoFab is supported by a comprehensive imaging suite, including a materials science TEM, a screening/training TEM, dual beam SEM/FIB and NanoManipulator system for sample preparation.
For more information about the facility, please contact Polina Golovatch at

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