CfM Director serves as keynote speaker at Meta '14 in Singapore

CfM Director Dr. David Crouse served as a keynote speaker and chair of theTechnologies and Applications session this May at the 5th International Conference of Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics in Singapore.


His keynote talk entitled, "Light harvesting with metasurfaces: applications to sensors and energy generation" focused on metasurfaces that can provide light filtering according to wavelength, polarization, and other properties of an incident beam, and applied to a variety of sensors.


The conference attracted over 700 attendees and included sessions on the following topics: resonant dielectric nanostructures, metasurfaces at terahertz, infrared, and optical frequencies, photonic crystals, technologies and applications, numerical modeling techniques, hyperbolic metamaterials, hybrid quantum systems, negative index materials, and plasmonics and nanophotonics. 


For more information, visit the conference website and view the event program here.





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