CfM Presents at SPIE Conference

Simona Popescu, CfM graduate student, will be presenting the poster "Optical Properties of Aqueous Dispersions of Diamond Nanoparticles" at the SPIE Conference in August. She will demonstrate results of electrophoretic experiments that modify the structure of a metasurface by using diamond nanoparticles with sizes much smaller than the wavelength of light. Optical metasurfaces demonstrate outstanding capabilities of optical parameters modifications by changes in the structural architecture at the nano-scale level.

Young Uk Jung will discuss the results of his work on "Circulation and concentration of s- and p-polarized light in two-dimensional compound gratings" also at the SPIE Conference in August. The focus of his work is on circulation and concentration of s- and p-polarized light incident on 2dCG metal structures. Two-dimensional compound gratings (2dCGs) are capable of pi - radian difference phase resonances (PRs). Applications include narrow bandwidth optical filters, light trapping, anti-reflection coatings, wave-guiding structures, and electromagnetically induced transparency.

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