CfM receives significant attention in the NSF Compendium

CfM's "Development of Modeling and Design Algorithms" project received significant attention in the NSF Compendium (please see attached)

Fast and accurate optical modeling tools are essential in efficient development of new photonic, plasmonic and metamaterial devices for a wide range of applications, including optical and infrared sensors, imaging systems, solar cells and other renewable energy devices. These applications are important to almost all CfM member companies. 
Unfortunately, all commercially available modeling and design programs have significant shortcomings in that they are slow, not user-friendly, and are prone to errors when used to model realistic metamaterial structures and devices. The commercially available programs lack the ability to simulate situations that would be encountered in real-life situations and have limited ability to test the metamaterials when exposed to complex light and radiation patterns. 
Researchers at CfM are addressing these limitations by developing new programs and algorithms specifically designed to quickly and accurately model metamaterials. These algorithms improve the speed of modeling and simulation, provide better accuracy, and organize the data in the ways desired by for photonics scientists and engineers. 
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