CfM Researchers to Present on Hyperbolic Metamaterials at Upcoming Optics + Photonics Conference in San Diego

CfM researcher and UNCC doctoral candidate, Mr. Hossein Alisafaee will present his group's work on Hyperbolic Metamaterials during Session 4 of the Metamaterials, Metadevices, and Metasystems Conference next month at the Optics + Photonics Conference in San Diego. 

Mr. Alisafaee will describe the use of Genetic Algorithm (GA) to "naturally" find structures that are globally optimized. The research team is lead by Dr. Michael Fiddy and includes graduate students Ian A. Goforth, Daniel B. Fullager, and Christopher Rosenbury.



We design Hyperbolic Metamaterials (HMM) using a Genetic Algorithm (GA) to “naturally” find structures that are globally optimized. We investigate the incorporation of different fitness functions in GA and evaluate their results based on the consumed time of the total progress and also the necessary tolerances of the final structures. The fabrication challenges will be discussed. We then compare the results of three optimization cases: 1) conventional design, 2) GA-assisted conventional design, and 3) full-GA optimization. Finally, conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of using GA for optimization purposes in HMMs will be made.

This will be Mr. Alisafaee’s sixth publication since September 2013. His full list of publications may be found here:

The CfM’s UNCC has had a very active presence at several 2014 conferences. The team expects to give a talk at the FiO 2014 in Arizona and Professor Fiddy has been invited to give a talk abroad. 

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