Hossein Alisafaee Defends his Dissertation

Hossein Alisafaee Defends his Dissertation

CfM researcher and UNCC doctoral candidate Hossein Alisafaee successfully defended his Dissertation "Management of Optical Absorption in Plasmonic Metamaterials"  (December 2014). Under the direction of his advisor Dr. Mike Fiddy, Professor, Department of Physics & Optical Science & Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Dr. Alisafaee will be graduating Spring 2015 with his PhD in Optical Science & Engineering and plans to pursue a post-doctoral position. 


In this dissertation, the main focus has been on the manipulation of optical absorption. That is to either decrease the unwanted losses or increase the desired absorption for specific applications. The approaches have been chosen to provide an insightful design methodology for metamaterial structures at optical and infrared wavelengths. Modeling using equivalent electric circuit theory and numerical simulation using full- and scattered-wave finite element method are the tools of calculations.

The main focus of the low-loss structures has been on metamaterials in near infrared such as plasmonic particles of aluminum doped zinc oxide. Solar cells and plasmonic photovoltaics have also been the driving interest to design and optimize the structures for higher efficiency in the next generation of devices.  

Successful results have been achieved and published in the literature from this dissertation on plasmonic nanoparticles and also on composite nanoantenna-nanowire elements. 

His full list of publications may be found here: http://webpages.uncc.edu/~halisafa/

Dr. Alisafaee will be presenting in Feburary 2015 at Photonics West (San Francisco, CA).  The CfM’s UNCC has had a very active presence at several recent conferences. 


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