Jonathan Young Jung Defends his Dissertation

Jonathan Young Jung Defends his Dissertation

 CfM researcher and CUNY Jonathan Young Jung successfully defended his Dissertation "Metamaterials for selective spatial sorting(December 9, 2015). Under the direction of his advisor Prof. David T. Crouse, Department of Electrical Engineering. 

Jonathan will graduate February 2016 with his PhD in Electrical Engineering. Dr. Jonathan Jung will be a Patent Examiner in E.E. USPTO in Dallas Texas.


Extraordinary optical transmission (EOT) was discovered by Ebbesen, when he observed that an unexpectedly large amount of light was transmitted through sub wavelength hole arrays perforated in thin metal films. Since then, metamaterials gained much interest due to their extraordinary electromagnetic properties. Such properties include light concentration, directing and filtering of light, light trapping, surface plasmons (SPs), and photon sorting. In this work, we study ways of controlling light in metamaterials especially for spatial light sorting, namely, using waveguide cavity modes (WCMs), dispersion engineering of surface plasmons (SPs), and photon sorting techniques. We will discuss methods for using such properties by investigating (1) compound aperture arrays (CAAs) that support the extraordinary light circulation and concentration of s- and p-polarized phase resonance, (2) multilayer structures, composed of metal-like materials, in which one controls the SPs field distributions, and (3) metal-insulator-metal (MIM) configurations that support the multi-band photon sorting.

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