Phoebus Optoelectronics Receives an SBIR Award

Phoebus Optoelectronics receives an SBIR award for the "Innovative concept for detection and identification of biological toxins" project. Details on the award below.

Phoebus’s objective is to create a low­cost, high­sensitivity hand­held plasmonic biosensor capable of sensing biotoxins. It will be done by using newly developed biodesign technology to create a new class of proteins which have an orders­of­magnitude increase in SPR signal­to­noise. These will be incorporated into a novel SPR device in which the transmission of light is affected by the binding of a particular toxin to the functionalized surface. Such a system will be inherently more robust and compact because all the optical components are in line with each other. These will be used in a transmission based ‘tricorder’ device with an easily replicable disposable sensing chip.
We will be in touch when Phoebus writes their next SBIR proposal so that any of you can collaborate with Phoebus. We are looking forward to the future successes!


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