The CfM will use the equipment and expertise of the many materials, photonics and metamaterials laboratories at the partner universities, as well as those at other NSF I/UCRCs (including the Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility and the Center for Dielectric Studies) and some of the member companies and government agencies. The main research facilities include:
Core Facilities

    ➢ Clarkson: The Center for Advanced Materials Processing

  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopes
    • JEOL 2010 High Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope
    • JEOL 7400 High Resolutions Field Emission Electron Microscope
    • JEOL 6300 Scanning Electron Microscope
    • JEOL JEM1200 EX Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance equipment
  • ALV Simultaneous Static and Dynamic Light Scattering Analyzer
  • Plasma and CVD equipment
  • X-ray facilites
  • Particle characterization equipment
  • Surface characterization equipment
  • Malvern 2000 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer
  • Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer TGA 7 Perkin Elmer
  • Bruker D8 X-Ray Diffractometer
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • N2 BET surface area measurement device
  • Viscometers
  • Hysitron TI950 Triboindenter System

   ➢ UNCC: The Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications

  • Clean Room Facility (3,000 sq. ft., including advanced lithography and processing, for the fabrication of complex optoelectronic devices and integrated circuits, including a Molecular Imprint Inc. Imprio 100 nanoimprint tool)
  • Optoelectronic and Optical Device Fabrication Facility
  • Optical Characterization and Measurement Facility
  • Optical Communication Infrastructure Facility
  • Optical Metrology Facility

   ➢ UNCC: Advanced Microelectronic Materials Laboratory

  • Ultra-High Vacuum Molecular Beam Epitaxy system used to grow high quality crystalline material films
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy system used to grow high quality crystalline III-V materials

   ➢ UNCC: The Microelectronics Fabrication Laboratory

  • The fabrication laboratory includes 8 high temperature furnaces manufactured by Corso-Gray, Thermco, and Lindberg. These furnaces are used for high purity silicon oxidations, n and p type doping and diffusion, and high temperature anneals.
  • The lab has complete photolithography capability including wafer spin coating, direct contact mask exposure with a HTG contact mask aligner, and developing facilities.
  • Technics Micro-Plasma series 900 plasma system, Texas Instruments A-24-D PECVD tool, or an IBM designed reactive ion etch tool.
  • Cooke thermal evaporator, Cooke e-beam evaporator, Varian 3125 4 pocket e-beam evaporator, a CHA Mark 50 four pocket e-beam evaporator, and a CVC AST-601 3 target sputtering tool.
  • The lab includes various inspection microscopes and measurement tools including a Nanometrics Nanopsec AFT 200 automatic thickness tool, Tencor Alpha Step 200 surface profiler, and a Westbond gold wire ball bonder is also available.
  • A Micromanipulator probe station with Tektronix 576 curve tracer and a HP Parametric Tester is available for electrical measurements.

 ➢ UNCC 3-D printing capabilities

  • Stratasys Prodigy Plus (FDM) 300nm resolution (ABS)
  • 3DSystems Z-Corp 310, 510 (Powderbed) 100nm resolution 
  • Stratasys Dimension 3D (FDM) 300nm resolution (ABS)
  • 3DSystems Vflash (DLP) 100nm resolution (photopolymer)
  • FormLabs Form 1+ (SLA) 25nm resolution (photopolymer) 
  • PWDR (3DP) 50nm resolution (inkjet powder)
  • 3DSystems Dimension BST 768 (FDM) 300nm resolution (ABS)
  • 3DSystems Dimension SST 1200es (FDM) 300nm resolution (ABS)

  ➢ CUNY: The Metamaterials Research and Development Laboratory

High Performance Computing Cluster – A 10-node HPC cluster, accessed by 10 distributed workstations, with numerous memamaterial design and simulation programs including: Ansoft’s HFSS, Sonnet Software’s CST Microwave Studio, COMSOL Multiphyiscs, Zemax, Matlab, Silvaco Atlas, and Athena
Prototype Development Facility:

  1. 6300 x10 i-line steppers
  2. RIE
  3. Electrochemical deposition kit
  4. Gamry Reference 600 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA
  5. Chemical mechanical polishers
  6. Wire bonder (West Bond)
  7. FTIR (NEXUS) and continuum IR microscope

   ➢ CUNY: The Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) in Photonics Applications
Please follow the link to view a full list of CUNY CAT equipment: http://www.cuny.edu/site/cat/facilities-equipment.html

   ➢ CUNY: The Institute for Ultrafast Lasers and Spectroscopy
Please follow the link to read more about IUSL: http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/iusl/

Collaborating Centers and Ancillary Facilities
   ➢ The Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility
   ➢ The Center for Dielectric Studies
   ➢ The Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility (additional fabrication tasks)
   ➢ The Center for Functional Nanomaterials at Brookhaven National Laboratory

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