UNCC, Clarkson, CUNY and WCU have numerous distinguished professors and expert metamaterials, materials, and fabrication process researchers who will be Project PIs and researchers for CfM projects. This team of researchers is well balanced among the technical foci of the CfM: Metamaterials Theory, Materials and Structures Development, and Fabrication Process Development.
Clarkson University
David Crouse (Dept: EE) - Metamaterials, optoelectronic devices, acoustic metamaterials, RF metasurfaces
Cetin Cetinkaya  (Dept: Mechanical Engineering) – Photo/Acoustic Metamaterials
William Jemison (Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering) - Microwave and mm-wave systems: antenna design, radar, optical communications, LIDAR, and biological applications of microwaves and photonics.
Richard Partch (Dept: Chemistry and Biomolecular Science): Aerosol reactions for producing fine powders and coated particles, in situ formation of inorganic and organic coatings on solids dispersed in monomer solutions, plasma methods for coating and etching fine particles
Chee-Keong Tan (Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering) - III-Nitride materials, optoelectronic devices, nanoscience and nanotechnology, material epitaxy, optical communications
University of North Carolina Charlotte
Vasily Astratov (Dept: Physics & Optical Science) – Mesoscale photonics, micro and nano-optics, optical super-resolution, and resonant light pressure
Glenn Boreman (Dept: Physics & Optical Science) – Infrared detector and focal-plane analysis, optics of random media, infrared scene projection, and transfer-function techniques.
Mike Fiddy (Dept: ECE) - Modeling and design of metamaterials, microwave and optical experiments and metamaterials
Tsinghua Her (Dept: Physics & Optical Science) - Laser directed chemical vapor deposition of micro and nanoscale fabrication on surfaces
Tino Hofmann (Dept: Physics & Optical Science) – Generallized ellipsometry, THz optical hall effect, Landau Level Spectropscopy.
Affiliated Sites: 
City University of New York
Nicholas Madamopoulos  (Dept: EE) Microwave photonics, photonic sensors, laser based displays, optics for energy, photonic systems for telecom applications, passive optical networks.
Alan Lyons  (Dept: Chemistry) – Metasurfaces, fabrication and properties of superhydrophobic polymeric materials, 3D printing technologies and materials for thermal management applications.

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