Our Research

The Center for Metamaterials provide a forum for cooperative research on the development and application of metamaterials.

The RESEARCH THRUSTS of the Center include:

  • SUSTAINABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES: Solar cells, transparent electrodes, light harvesting templates, concentrators.
  • SENSORS: Polarimetric and nonpolarimetric, multiwavelength detectors, focal plane arrays, biological and chemical sensors.
  • MICROWAVE AND THz TECHNOLOGIES: High permittivity materials, extreme anisotropies, field enhancements, increased detector sensitivity, low observable structures
  • OPTICAL COMPONENTS: Perfect lenses, micro-polarizers and polarizer arrays, beam shaping, active optical components, cloaking and camouflaging materials

For each of these research thrusts, projects ranging from fundamental research, design, modeling, fabrication and testing will be performed as described below:

  • DESIGN / MODELING / SIMULATION – Fundamental properties of metamaterials are studied and applied to particular applications. Design and simulations are performed using several tools and techniques including: Ansys HFSS, COMSOL, Sonnet Software CST Microwave Studio and proprietary rigorous coupled wave analysis.
  • FABRICATION – Metamaterials and devices are fabricated at laboratories at UNCC, CUNY, Clarkson and WCU. Fabrication tools at these universities include tools for nano & microfabrication, CNC machines, 3D printers and other rapid prototypingmachines.
  • TESTING – UNCC and CUNY all have advanced optical testing facilities that perform optical characterization from the RF to UV spectral ranges.

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